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TVAT 1.16a - Partial update
TradingView Auto-Trader
Version 1.16a

Warning! Bot will install to new directory, please remove previous installation. Due to changes in core, your previous config will not be valid anymore

Version 1.16a
  • This is a partial bugfix update
  • Fully TradingView API Integration
  • Multi strategy support
  • Bittrex integration (Waiting for feedback, let me know if it works!)
  • Strategy tester is not required anymore
  • App maximalization is not required anymore
  • CEF Library updated to latest version - better performance and CPU resources
  • Changes in TVATWrapper
  • Note: Since whole CEF is rebuilt, AutoUpdater will fail
  • Bugs with accidental trades on expired signals -> Fixed
  • More features soon

Version 1.15
  • Bot will close Long on Short Open now when trading on exchange
  • Introduced trade creator for new users to help configure trading asset
  • Introduced MAI - Market A.I. to forecast bitcoin move (Alpha)
  • Introduced Signal Finder with given ticker rating Bullish/Bearish
  • Introduced Auto-Updater, bot will automatically download latest version
  • Changed skin
Version 1.1
  • Poloniex support
  • Changes in mail alarm system
  • New base currencies
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Bot will not take signals where ID is lower than 5

  • TradingView embedded into bot
  • No VIP TradingView account required
  • Do not use TradingView alerts
  • Kraken and Bitstamp Support
  • E-Mail and SMS alerts
  • Auto trade
  • Unlimited trade assets to set in
  • Licences binded with one PC (removed at this moment)
Click here to download
Telegram TVAT Support group:
If someone downloaded installer yesterday, please redownload and reinstall. There were outdated openssl libs included in previous package
Telegram TVAT Support group:

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